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In the heart of Tuscany...

In the heart of Tuscany... - Pellicceria Marabotti Mori
Marabotti- Mori Furrier's Shop
New collection Fall-Winter 2021-2022
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Our furrier's shop has been in the business for over seventy years. Craftsmanship, attention to details, and careful selection of furs lead to a durable high quality product.
Tailoring guarantees exclusive models. Marabotti- Mori furrier's shop combines the old traditions with modern techniques in order to create soft and modern style products. 

Progress and tradition together produce a truly exclusive, personalized and modern fur product: the fur of your dreams. 

A wide range of fashion products available: hats, scarfs, stole shawls, bags with fur decorations, etc. 

The following services are available as well:

·        Cleaning
·        Summer storage
·        Model adaptation
·        Discount on a new product in exchange of a used one

And that’s not allBring us your own model or idea, and we’ll turn it into a beautiful fur product!
You will also find: original scarf models, fur gilets, gloves, hats, accessories... all hand-made! We will also turn your idea into reality!

N.B.:Furrier's shop Marabotti- Mori uses only furs that come from well selected fur animal farms in northern Europe, North America and Canada that adhere to the terms of the Washington Convention in their treatment of animals for further information please visit: www.cites.org.
For an informated opinion, please visit also: www.furisgreen.com
   For foreign customers, it is possible to organize service in languages other than Italian and it is also possible to visit our workshop, where our tailor-made products are created.
It is, however, necessary to request this service approx. a week before arrival (and it is free).

The Real High Quality Tuscan Craftsmanship...

The Real High Quality Tuscan Craftsmanship... - Pellicceria Marabotti Mori

Handicraft is a great Italian tradition especially here in Tuscany (In fact, Santa Croce sull’Arno is located in the so-called Leather District).
The craftsman has not learned his job from books but from a senior mentor, well experienced in this kind of work and who learned the job thanks to someone else, and so on.
It is an ancient art, handed down from artisan to artisan until nowadays.

The craftsman has always worked with his own hands, and although today there are machines that can help him, he always has to do, with his experience and dexterity, 80% of the work.

 - Pellicceria Marabotti Mori
Model makers, cutters, tailors, seamstresses, machinists, and lining makers use various machines but their hands and brains guide their work.
A craftsman is not interested in speeding up the production system, he wants a PERFECT finished product.

Quality is more important than quantity.

That’s why craftmade fur is so special: every model is unique because it is tailor-made and never identical to another.
The final touches are accurate and they give to the fur that special touch of class that other industrially made furs don’t have.
The work is made following the ancient rhythms: we do not use dryers to dry the hides, we do not use adhesive cloths to hold them together, nor do we line our furs once they’re finished.
Everything is done according to the tradition: the drying takes place in diffusely heated rooms in winter, and outdoors in summer, so this way the elasticity and softness of the hide are preserved.
The machine and hand stitching allow the hide to be used again and again. The tailor-made fur lining gives to the fur a touch of class that you can always recognize.
A craftmade fur, apart from being unique, is a luxury that will stand the test of time (if well maintained) and still retain its intrinsic value.

Only a true connoisseur will appreciate it!

Our History...

Our History... - Pellicceria Marabotti Mori

Our History:
In the early '40s, Mrs. Vivetta Marabotti, who had always worked in the couture-houses in the area, established her own company where she created dresses embellished with fur trimmings.
Soon the young daughter Faustina started to work in the company and they slowly abandoned fabric in favour of fur.

In the ’60s the fur was in great demand as it was seen as a real status symbol by women, so demand kept growing. This economic boom allowed the company to grow and the tailor-made production was united with the "prêt à porter" fashion without abandoning the traditional production techniques.
The company then went under the direction of Mrs. Faustina and became Marabotti - Mori Fur Shop.

Currently, the third generation of the Marabotti - Mori family works in the firm and the fourth is specialized in foreign languages in order to handle a future opening of the company to foreign markets.
In the 21st century, Mori - Marabotti fur shop still works in the traditional way. Dexterity and experience produce unique, carefully handmade items: a real sign of distinction.

Our Structure: from 1860 to Nowadays

Our Structure: from 1860 to Nowadays - Pellicceria Marabotti Mori

Our Structure: from 1860 to Nowadays

The structure was built in 1860 and in origin it was a tannery of few square meters and it was later enlarged to satisfy the needs of the growing market of tanned hides up to the present size.

The tannery was composed of a ground floor where there were the drum tumblers for the drum tanning.
Usually, in the first floor there were the residential flats and the second floor, called "terrace", with large arched windows was used to dry the hides that were hung inside, so the windows always had to be open.

The building remained a tannery until the ’70s, when a new legislation forced the factories to move outside the city centre.

Later on the structure was used for other commercial activities until 1980, when it was bought by Mrs Marabotti, owner of the homonymous fur shop.
The decaying building (as you can see from the pictures) was magnificently restored. This way the cross vaults of the ground floor, the massive octagonal columns and the barrel vault of the entrance were brought back to their original splendour.

The ancient and the modern are melt together in order not to lose that testimonial of the past, yet satisfying the needs of a modern, bright and safe shop where you can enhance a product of great prestige and excellent craftsmanship.

The result can constantly be appreciated by our many customers who are greeted with kindness and courtesy, and helped to make the right choice.

Experience of over seventy years of work is at disposal of even the most demanding customers.
Monday to Saturday:
Winter: 9.00-12.30 and 15.00-19.00
Summer: 9.00-12.00 and 16.00-19.00
For English enquiry please send us an e-mail.